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North Down Museum
Town Hall, Castle Park Road, Bangor, Co. Down, BT20 4BT   
Contact: Heather Curran, Education Officer   
Telephone: 02891278031 Fax: 02891478906

Collection description:
Booklet: D-Day reminiscence project.
Childhood and wartime memories of a group of people from North Down
Video recordings of wartime memories

Recordings relating to World War II:
20 (Recordings are solely focused on wartime experiences)

Subjects covered:
Home Front Evacuees WAAF (Women's Auxiliary Air Force) Red Cross

Format of recordings:
Video - all or some with transcripts
The recordings are for educational and non-profit-making use. They will be produced on dvd which can be accessed in the museum. The D Day reminiscence booklet is now out of print but can be used for reference in the museum.
Current status: The collection is still under development
Additional notes:
The collection is of eye witness accounts of life in North Down during the war years, relating stories peculiar to the area and sometimes completely new to us.

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